The Happiness Collection

What Is Your Wish for Your Child?


Sleeping Beauty had three fairy Godmothers who bestowed one gift each upon her in the form of a wish – but couldn’t manage the keep the girl away from the spinning wheel in 16 years. 

As a parent, I say that a mother’s wish is worth 1000 fairies’. As a parent, I know we all wish for our children to grow up smart, healthy, kind and successful (and more). 

The “Happiness Collection” is a limited edition print series created to honour the love of a parent that is timeless and to gift the wish for their child of when they grow up. 

We dedicate each series from the “Happiness Collection” to a particular wish that we, as parents, wish for our child to have e.g. “Joy”, “Courage”, sense of “Adventure” and more! 

So, which Wish would you choose to bestow your child? 

2016 Limited Series



  “How does it Work?”


Because our Prints can be personalised in such a unique way, we often get this question. And our answer is always the same “Simple!”

For all our Prints in our Happiness Collection, you can personalise and make it YOUR own print. You can add your name and other personal details like birthdate, nationality or even your favourite quote to the artwork (at no additional cost*). 

You will also be able to specify your preference for where to place the details and we will do our best to make you happy. We will, however, reserve the right to the final artistic voice (if you don’t mind). 

How You can Create Your Own Personalised Print:

  1. Indicate the details (and preferences, if you have any) on the comments upon checkout.
  2. We will contact you via email to confirm your order 
  3. We will then send you a draft mockup of your personalised print – until you are happy* with the Artwork.
  4. We send the Artwork for professional archival printing
  5. Once printed, Mishell will sign, number and date the artwork and Ship it to wherever you are!
  6. Framing services will currently only be available to Singapore and Malaysia addresses only (we want to keep shipping costs low and pragmatic for you!)

*We allow up to two iterations of the artwork for free, after which an hourly charge of USD$35 will apply for further changes. 

More about the Limited Edition Prints

All these paintings were originally commissioned paintings that have been digitally enhanced and immortalised to give you the best results of a Giclée print. Most of our collectors do not realise that they are prints at first glance – a testament to the level of detail and love we give to each and every bit of our work. 

Something originally handpainted that can now be customised to make it personally yours. To enquire further, please contact us from our website: We would love to hear from you!

All prints are Giclée printed and archivally framed to preserve the prints for years to come. 

We ship worldwide.