Choo Choo

Story Behind the Painting:

“Choo Choo” was the first real painting that I did for Marc, our firstborn’s, nursery because I wanted something happy and colourful and vibrant.

I thought the animals would be a fun way to learn and we would have fun with making the animal noises. ūüôā

Friends then asked if I could reproduce this for their children’s room.

That was how ‘Milc by Mishell’ was originated – to create beautiful prints for the Modern Home – because I am terrible at making the same thing twice.

“Choo Choo” has now become one of our most beloved prints by both adults and children¬†– which I am so grateful for.¬†The original piece currently still hangs in my children’s bedroom – just above Emily’s cot.

I believe its the simplicity of the painting and the vibrant, happy animals that help attract the attention of both the little ones and adults’ hearts.

I apologise for the slightly dark photos (I didn’t have the hindsight then to take nicer photos) but I thought you may enjoy an insight into how this painting was created.


Painting Details

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Dimensions:¬†8″ x 24″ (20cm x 61cm)

Date of Painting: 2012

Print Availability

This is part of the 2016 Children Limited Print Collection.

Framed Price: USD$620.00

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