What Is Your Wish for Your Child?


The “Happiness Collection” is a limited-edition print series created to honour the love of a parent. The collection focuses on the wishes we have for our children e.g. joy, courage, adventure etc. We all have dreams that they will grow to be smart, kind, healthy, successful (and more).

Each picture in the series focuses on a particular wish you want to bestow to your child, creating a timeless gift for them. It can also be personalised for that extra special touch.


Personalisation – why not customise your picture with a name, nationality, birth date or even special quote? You decide the wording and the placement on the print and, unless artistically recommended otherwise, you can enjoy your own gorgeous bespoke print! More details about this are on our Shop page.

So, which wish would you choose to bestow your child?

Printed from originally commissioned paintings, they are all digitally enhanced with immense care and are Giclée printed. They are also archivally framed to preserve the prints for years to come. 

We ship worldwide.