“Be Simple Like a Child.” – Buddha saying.

Monday, 15th May 2017, 5pm.

I have been snapping at Marc, my four year-old a couple of times today… constantly feeling bad afterwards. After the third time, he asked me “Mummy, why are you so angry today?”

I apologised, and explained to him that I was not angry with him – and that I was just very tired and frustrated because I have been working really hard all day and therefore didn’t have enough time to do much painting today (Monday afternoons are usually my painting time). I told him that I was frustrated with myself and that my snapping is because I am feeling really tired from the event over the weekend.

His answer was logical and simple – “So stop doing events, mummy. If they tire you out, that’s not good. Don’t do them.”

Awww…at that point, I breathed out and agreed with him that he was right. I have to stop doing events if they tire me so much.

He then kindly advised me “to sleep more this weekend. Try to sleep more tomorrow or this weekend, mummy…like ten minutes.”…  at which point I told him that ten minutes is not quite a lot. “Oh, ..ok.. one hundred minutes then…or one thousand minutes…is that better, mummy? Make sure you rest and sleep enough, ok?”

Awww… at times like these I am so incredibly grateful for the simple wisdom that my children teach me everyday.

We should all learn to be as simple as possible – for that is when we find true happiness within.